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Your Family Yacht Club

Puget Sound Yacht Club


If you like Yacht Club cruises but are tired of being on long waiting lists, our club is just for you.  We have 10 cruises every summer one we have traditionally done for the Holidays.  Our cruises are fun and engaging with an emphasis on relaxing activities and group gatherings. 


Our socials are done all year round and include wine tasting, BBQ classes, theme inspired parties, dances, entertainment and fun holiday get togethers.  


Working in conjunction with our partners at America's Boating Club of Seattle, the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Sea Scouts, our club is focused on safe and knowledgeable boating; holding yearly seminars on boater skills/safety.



Started in 1954 on the Northern Shore of Lake Union, Puget Sound Yacht Club was started as a cruising club, with most destinations being in Puget Sound and Canada.  Today, we continue that tradition along with being known as a "Family" yacht club geared towards comradery through fun and engaging social events, boater education and outreach towards many of the area's yacht club and boating clubs/organizations.



America's Boating Club of Seattle
Sea Scouts
Coast Guard Auxiliary
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